Whether you rush through your morning routine or prefer spending long hours soaking in the tub, your bathroom is one place in your home that you’ll be going in and out of all day long. If it’s cramped, poorly laid out, or lacks an appealing design, it can make your entire house feel drab or outdated.

A personal oasis…

You might prefer a simple and clean design that employs light, refreshing colors or perhaps something more complex and exquisite, like marble counters, stone floors, or a glorious walk-in shower. No matter your tastes, everyone can appreciate the beauty of a re-designed bathroom that’s both functional and relaxing to spend time in.

If you’re convinced that your bathroom might be in need of an overhaul, we would love to discuss new design options to remedy current issues and bring a fresh face to one of the most visited areas of your home.

What’s Involved?

Every bathroom design begins with a consultation with you, the homeowner. We’ll sit down and discuss what you like about your bathroom and, more importantly, what you don’t like. We’ll also cover what aspects you like most about dream baths and what you consider most important for your new design. Once we have that information, we’ll compose a few new looks and present them to you.

With your approval, we’ll then begin implementing your new bathroom design down to the very last detail. As both a construction and interior design company, we are able to handle everything in-house by deploying our complete team of specialists and professionals. That means you’re guaranteed to get the quickest service on the market and the highest-quality end result.

Throughout the design process, we’ll keep you in-the-know and listen out for your feedback and suggestions. At the end of the day, you’re going to be spending more time with the new design than anyone else, and we want to make sure you’re happy.

Would you like to escape to a bathroom where you can wash away your worries? Give us a call at 830-8046.