Attic Conversions


Everyone could use a bit more space, and if you’re struggling to find some in your home, the answer might be right above you.

Your attic space could easily be converted into a fully functional loft, climate controlled storage area, or even an office, playroom, or guest room. Renovating your attic space can open up many new possibilities, and a significant amount of space, for your home. In addition to making your living area more comfortable by providing you with a whole new space to enjoy, an attic conversion can also raise your home’s value.

The possibilities are endless…

Your attic could be converted into a variety of spaces, here are just a few ideas so you can begin brainstorming about how a potential attic conversion could improve your living space:

● Finish it in with air conditioning, heating, or central air so that you can utilize a climate-controlled storage space or spare room.
● Finish it for use as a playroom for your kids, or as a craft area, “rec” room, or multi-purpose space.
● Finish it for use as an office that’s out of the way and quiet so you can increase your productivity.

Other possibilities include the potential of a guest living space, home library, game room, and more.

What’s Involved?

We begin every new project by sitting down with you and your family so that we can learn more about what you want out of your new space. As a complete team of both construction professionals and interior designers, McGarry’s Restoration & Remodeling is able to handle your project in-house from start to finish, increasing speed and decreasing the chances of delays or miscommunication.

A converted attic space could be just the extra room you need to stretch out in your home and feel comfortable without having to downsize.

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